Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter

A stylish smoking shelter that's even easier to spot when you add optional signage and wind protectors.

  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter-1
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter-2
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter-3
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter-4
  • Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter-5
2500 mm or 5000 mm (entrance width 1000 mm).

1560 mm.

2600 mm.

Square posts
80 x 80 mm steel tubes on base plates.

Roof frame
two 60 x 60 mm steel-tube crossbars.

10 mm anti-UV-treated translucent cellular polycarbonate panels.

Front, side and back panels
8 mm safety glass with safety markings.

Panel attachment
pinch-grip system for easy replacement in case of vandalism.

galvanisd and painted in our RAL colours.

On base plates.

Addittional front and rear wind protection panels available.

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Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter: A Street Furniture Solution by Procity

The Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter is a modern, stylish and functional piece of street furniture from our enterprise, Procity. Known for our expertise in crafting urban furniture using various materials such as wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, Procity consistently delivers well-designed and durable products to meet the needs of businesses and communities alike.

Product Description

The Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter is a striking addition to Procity's Smoking and Vaping Solutions category. Designed with protection and convenience in mind, this shelter provides a designated smoking and vaping area that's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The optional signage and wind protectors enhance visibility and offer additional shield, making the shelter even easier to spot and more comfortable to use. Constructed using robust and superior quality materials, the Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter withstands harsh weather conditions. Its resilient structure provides a secure and comfortable space for users, effectively separating smoking and vaping activities from non-smoking areas. The overall design promises longevity, ensuring the shelter remains an integral part of your urban landscape for a long time.

Technical Features

The Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter is a testament to Procity’s commitment to incorporating innovative design with functionality. Crafted with precision, the shelter is easy to assemble and install. It features a spacious interior, offering ample room for multiple users while ensuring compliance with social distancing norms. The shelter's thoughtful design does not obstruct views, allowing for easy supervision and promoting safety. The roof, made from sturdy aluminium, features an extended overhang for extra weather protection. The clear side panels, fabricated from high-grade polycarbonate, provide visibility while offering shelter from the wind. Furthermore, Procity offers the option to customise the shelter with signage or add wind protectors for increased comfort.


As an urban furniture solution, the Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter is versatile in its application. It is an ideal choice for business premises, public places, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. By providing a designated area for smokers and vapers, it helps maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone. In conclusion, the Milan Smoking and Vaping Shelter is a practical, durable, and attractive solution to accommodate smokers and vapers in public and private spaces. Its robust construction, thoughtful design, and the option for customisation make it a valuable addition to any urban landscape. Trust Procity for all your street furniture needs. We are committed to delivering quality, functionality and style.