Milan bicycle stand

The Milan bike rack offers a contemporary and refined style. Its version with its cut  sheet metal gives it a more assertive visual identity.

  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand
  • Milan bicycle stand-1
  • Milan bicycle stand-2
  • Milan bicycle stand-3
  • Milan bicycle stand-4
  • Milan bicycle stand-5
  • Milan bicycle stand-6
  • Milan bicycle stand-7
  • Milan bicycle stand-8
  • Milan bicycle stand-9
Height above ground
850 mm

660 mm

steel tube 50 x 30 mm

A choice of two versions
classic version or with 5 mm gauge sheet metal bike sign

galvanised steel or galvanised and painted in our colours

concreted directly into ground, or on base plates

chassis for base plate version

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Introducing the Milan Bicycle Stand

Procity is proud to present the Milan Bicycle Stand, an integral part of our urban furniture range. With an emphasis on style and functionality, this piece of street furniture offers a blend of contemporary design and robust performance, promoting sustainable urban living and smart city solutions. Crafted with precision, the Milan Bicycle Stand caters to the needs of both the communities and businesses, making it a versatile addition to our Bike Shelter and Bicycle racks categories.

Technical Specifications

The Milan Bicycle Stand is a masterwork of engineering, boasting a height above ground of 850 mm and a width of 660 mm. Crafted from a sturdy steel tube, the stand has a structure of 50 x 30 mm, promising durability and resilience in all weather conditions. This product offers a choice of two finishes: plain galvanised steel, or galvanised and painted in our range of colours, both of which enhance the visual appeal and longevity of the stand. With a focus on ease of installation, the stand can be concreted directly into the ground, or mounted on base plates. The option of a chassis for the base plate version further adds to the flexibility of installation.

Field of Application

The Milan Bicycle Stand adds a touch of elegance and functionality to any urban setting. Ideal for public spaces, parks, commercial complexes, and residential areas, this bicycle stand effortlessly accommodates the growing need for safe and secure bicycle parking solutions. Its refined design, accentuated by its cut sheet metal, not only offers an assertive visual identity but also seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The stand promotes environmental sustainability by encouraging cycling, thereby contributing to healthier cities and communities. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes it suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities, while its robust construction guarantees a high level of security.

In conclusion, the Milan Bicycle Stand by Procity is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative, reliable, and design-led urban furniture solutions. Through this product, we aim to help create urban spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical, sustainable, and conducive to promoting a healthier, greener lifestyle.