Line marking paint

M-marker, PROCITY® line marking paint. Ideal for marking out parking spaces at corporate offices or industrial sites. High quality paint and precise lines. (Can also be used for the marking of aisles in factories or warehouses). REACH-compliant.

  • Line marking paint
  • Line marking paint

Technical features

Spray cans: 500 ml of paint for indoor and outdoor applications.

Life span: 50 metres.

Option: line marker, the perfect tool for shorter lengths.

Sold in batches of 12 units.

Line marker: the perfect tool for shorter lengths.
Marking trolley: high quality trolley with 4 wheels for exceptional stability that can be used to simultaneously apply a double coat with two spray cans. Line width can be set between 40 and 120 mm. Storage space for 4 spray cans.

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