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Lockbloc® 21 system for removable bollards

The Lockblock® system can be used with all of our bollards Simply add the reference code for the Lockblock® system to the code for the selected bollard.

Technical features

Removing the bollard:

Unlock with 11 mm triangle key.

Lift and remove the bollard.

Remove and flip over the central boss.

Lock in the boss with the triangle key.

Placing the bollard:

Reverse the above sequence.

“Concrete effect”:the bollard remains perfectly stable once placed into the Lockblock® 21 socket.

The central boss is always secured: no risk of loss or theft.

Self-draining through gravel at bottom of sockets.

Finish: 100% galvanised for complete corrosion protection.

Above ground portion and lock cover lacquered in black.

Easy maintenance: reservoir allows for accumulation of sand and dirt, easy access for complete maintenance.


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