Lisbon Bicycle Stand

A compact bicycle stand that lets users attach to both the frame and the wheel. A perfect match with the PROCITY® Lisbon railing.

  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-1
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-2
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-3
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-4
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-5
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-6
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-7
  • Lisbon Bicycle Stand-8
505 mm.

Height above ground
870 mm.

steel tube 80 x 40 mm.

galvanised steel or galvanised and painted in our colours.

concreted directly into the ground or on a base plate.

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The Lisbon Bicycle Stand: Streamlined Urban Furniture by Procity

We at Procity are delighted to present the Lisbon Bicycle Stand, a compact and modern piece of urban furniture. Falling under the categories of Bike Shelter and Bicycle Racks on our website, this product offers an efficient and secure solution for bicycle parking in urban areas. It is designed to allow users to attach both the frame and the wheel of the bicycle, ensuring optimal security. The Lisbon Bicycle Stand melds perfectly with the PROCITY® Lisbon railing, providing a seamless aesthetic for urban landscapes.

Technical Description: Robust and Resilient

The Lisbon Bicycle Stand is constructed from an 80 x 40 mm steel tube, promising robustness and durability. The dimensions of the stand, with a width of 505 mm and a height above ground of 870 mm, are designed to provide ample space for the bicycle and ensure ease of use for the cyclist. We offer two finishes for the steel structure - galvanised steel or galvanised and painted in our colours. This gives clients the flexibility to choose a finish that complements their urban setting.

The installation process of the stand demonstrates our commitment to versatility and convenience. The Lisbon Bicycle Stand can be concreted directly into the ground or mounted on a base plate, allowing for flexibility in placement and positioning. Our product is a testament to Procity's commitment to creating functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing urban furniture.

Application: Enhancing Urban Landscapes

Our Lisbon Bicycle Stand is an ideal addition to various urban settings. Whether it’s for local communities or businesses seeking to enhance their premises with practical and modern urban furniture, this bicycle stand meets the demand. Its compact design makes it a suitable solution for areas where space is limited, while its robust construction makes it suitable for high-traffic areas.

As a leading company in the manufacture of urban furniture, Procity takes pride in designing products that cater to the needs of the urban landscape. We utilise various materials such as wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel in the production of our pieces. Our Lisbon Bicycle Stand exemplifies our dedication to quality, functionality, and design.

In conclusion, whether you are a local authority or a business, our Lisbon Bicycle Stand offers a secure and stylish solution for bicycle parking. Its resilience, versatility, and streamlined design make it a valuable addition to your urban furniture collection. Trust Procity to deliver products that enhance the aesthetic and practical value of your urban spaces.

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