Lightweight swivel gate

A simple and practical means of access control.

  • Lightweight swivel gate
  • Lightweight swivel gate
  • Lightweight swivel gate
  • Lightweight swivel gate
  • Lightweight swivel gate-1
  • Lightweight swivel gate-2
ø 60 mm steel tube with black plug.

1800 mm.

Opening system
pivots in outer tube.

with ø 16 mm pin and padlock (included). Can be locked at 90° in open position.

galvanised steel or paint over galvanised steel in our colours.

on base plates with reinforcing gussets. Anchor rods included for concreting in to the ground.

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Lightweight Swivel Gate: Flexible and Secure Access Control

Introducing the Lightweight Swivel Gate by Procity, an efficient security gate designed for controlling access in both commercial and public spaces. Ideal for car parks, private entrances, and restricted areas, this gate combines ease of use with a high level of security.

Sturdy and Sleek Structure

The gate is crafted from ø 60 mm steel tube, culminating in a smart black plug finish. The steel construction ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight design for easy operation.

Convenient Length and Operation

Measuring 1800 mm in length, the gate provides ample coverage for vehicle and pedestrian access points. Its opening system incorporates pivots in an outer tube for a smooth swivel action.

Reliable Locking Mechanism

Equipped with a ø 16 mm pin and a padlock (included), the Lightweight Swivel Gate ensures secure locking. Additionally, it can be locked at a 90° angle in the open position, providing flexibility and safety for passageways.

Quality Finish Options

Customers can choose from a galvanised steel finish or opt for paint over galvanised steel in a variety of colours to match the aesthetic of the surroundings.

Easy Installation Process

Installation is made simple with base plates featuring reinforcing gussets. Anchor rods are included to facilitate concreting into the ground, ensuring a stable and permanent fixture.

Procity's Assurance

Procity is committed to delivering top-notch products that stand the test of time and use. Our Lightweight Swivel Gate is a testament to our dedication to quality and functionality in access control solutions.