KUBE litter bin 120 litres

The Kube litter bin offers extra-large capacity. Featuring a front-side door for easy bag insertion and removal. All Kube products can be combined to create places to meet, talk and relax in any outdoor space.

  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres
  • KUBE litter bin 120 litres

Two sizes:

  • Version without lid: L 450 mm x W 450 mm x H 750 mm.
  • Version with cover: L 450 mm x W 450 mm x H 950 mm.

Structure: steel and two sides made of exotic hardwood, thickness 22 mm.

steel, zinc-primed and painted in our colours and stained wood, light oak or mahogany finish.

bag holder takes 120-litre bags (bags not included).

5 mm solid steel sheet.

Opening system
front-side door, locks with triangle key.

self-adhesive cigarette stubber.

with anchor rods (not included).

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details.

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Procity's KUBE Litter Bin 120 Litres: A Versatile Outdoor Solution

Procity is proud to introduce the KUBE Litter Bin 120 litres, a key element from our line of high-quality outdoor furniture. The KUBE Litter Bin is an effective solution for waste management, offering a sizeable capacity for communities and businesses. The functionality and aesthetics of the KUBE Litter Bin make it a worthy addition to any outdoor setting, seamlessly blending with the environment while promoting cleanliness and hygienic practices.

Technical Features of the KUBE Litter Bin 120 Litres

The KUBE Litter Bin is an impressive fusion of robustness and design. Manufactured in the materials of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and sturdy steel, this litter bin holds the durability to withstand varying weather conditions. Our attention to detail ensures the provision of an all-rounded product, fine-tuning even the minutest features. The KUBE Litter Bin comes with a front-side door, which allows for straightforward bag insertion and removal, simplifying the maintenance process. With its 120 litres capacity, this litter bin accommodates substantial waste volume, reducing the frequency of emptying and offering more convenience for its users.

Furthermore, the KUBE Litter Bin is part of our broader KUBE product range, designed to create inviting outdoor spaces. When combined with other items from the range, it helps to generate areas that encourage interaction and relaxation in the open air. This compatibility enriches the user experience and contributes to a well-rounded outdoor environment.

Applications of the KUBE Litter Bin 120 Litres

At Procity, we recognise that each customer may have diverse needs. Hence, we have designed the KUBE Litter Bin to cater to various applications. It is an ideal fit for communal areas such as parks, office complexes, public squares, and educational institutions. Its high capacity and robust construction make it suitable for high-traffic areas where significant waste accumulation is expected. Also, the KUBE Litter Bin is an excellent choice for organisations aiming to highlight their commitment to environmental sustainability. By facilitating proper waste disposal, it reinforces the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic public spaces.

To conclude, the KUBE Litter Bin 120 litres represents Procity's commitment to providing quality, durable, and functional outdoor furniture. It epitomises the balance of form and function, making it a smart choice for communities and businesses aiming to enhance their outdoor spaces.

A pure style strikingly modern in its simplicity.

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