Galvanised dome top steel bollard

The simplicity of our most popular steel bollard lets it blend into any environment.

  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard
  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard
  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard
  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard
  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard-1
  • Galvanised dome top steel bollard-2
Steel tube
ø 60, 76, 90, 114 or 168 mm

Tube thickness
3mm with a welded domed plug


concreted directly into ground (concrete depth 180 mm). Can be made removable with Lockblock® 21

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Introducing the Galvanised Dome Top Steel Bollard by Procity

When it comes to urban furniture, Procity excels in providing the best solutions. We consistently innovate and improve to provide our customers with top-of-the-line products. One such offering from our catalogue is the Galvanised Dome Top Steel Bollard, an elegant yet robust piece of urban furniture that effortlessly merges with any environment. A part of our Classic Steel Bollard collection, this bollard is a symbol of Procity's dedication to quality and durability.

Technical Specifications

This bollard is crafted with meticulous precision, utilising only the highest quality materials. The steel tube, which forms the core of the bollard, can be chosen from five different diameters namely, ø 60, 76, 90, 114 or 168 mm. Regardless of the diameter, the tube thickness remains at a solid 3mm, providing robustness and sturdiness to the structure.

Furthermore, the bollard is finished with a galvanised layer, contributing to its longevity and resistance to weather elements. To ensure maximum stability, the bollard is concreted directly into the ground with a concrete depth of 180 mm. For those requiring a more flexible setup, it can be made removable with the utilisation of Lockblock® 21, thus providing an adaptable solution for various urban landscapes.

Field of Application

The Galvanised Dome Top Steel Bollard is suitable for a wide range of applications. With its ability to seamlessly blend into any environment, it is an ideal choice for both public and private properties. It can be employed to protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic, demarcate areas in public spaces, or simply serve as a decorative element in urban landscapes.

Businesses and municipalities alike can benefit from its utilitarian design and robust construction. From shopping centres and corporate campuses to parks and public areas, this bollard is a versatile and practical solution to manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

In conclusion, the Galvanised Dome Top Steel Bollard, with its robust design, durability, and adaptability, is a true reflection of Procity's commitment to providing high-quality urban furniture. Whether you are aiming to enhance safety, define boundaries, or enhance the aesthetics of your space, this bollard is an excellent choice.