Galvanised dome top chain posts

Transform bollards into a pedestrian guidance and segregation.

  • Galvanised dome top chain posts
  • Galvanised dome top chain posts
  • Galvanised dome top chain posts
  • Galvanised dome top chain posts
  • Galvanised dome top chain posts-1
  • Galvanised dome top chain posts-2
ø 60, 76, 90, 114 ou 168 mm. steel tube

Overall height excluding top cap
1180 mm

exists in a version with one or two ringlets to link the bollards together with chain

galvanised finish

to be concreted directly into the ground or removable using lockblock system (except ø 60 and 168 mm)

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Procity Galvanised Dome Top Chain Posts: Innovative and Purposeful Urban Furniture

At Procity, our mission is to enhance urban landscapes by crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing street furniture. One of our standout products is the Galvanised Dome Top Chain Posts, a versatile and highly effective tool for pedestrian guidance and segregation. Combining practicality and elegance, these chain posts are designed to seamlessly integrate into any urban environment while maintaining superior functionality.

Technical Features that Stand Out

Our Galvanised Dome Top Chain Posts are made using steel tubes available in various diameters: 60mm, 76mm, 90mm, 114mm, and 168mm. They are equipped with a steel dome top cap, adding an aesthetically pleasing finish that complements the robust and durable galvanised steel construction. The overall height, excluding the top cap, measures at 1180mm, providing optimal visibility and effectiveness.

An important feature of our chain posts is their adaptability. They are designed to be used either standalone or as a part of our comprehensive range of street furniture collections. Additionally, the chain posts are available in versions with either one or two ringlets, giving you the option to link the bollards together using a chain, providing flexibility to customise according to specific requirements.

Installation is made easy with two options available. They can either be concreted directly into the ground for a permanent placement or alternatively, they can be made removable using the lockblock system. However, it should be noted that the lockblock system is not available for the 60mm and 168mm diameter posts.

Application: Making Urban Spaces Safer and Organised

Procity's Galvanised Dome Top Chain Posts are highly versatile and find application in a variety of settings. They are an effective solution for pedestrian guidance and segregation, helping manage foot traffic and promote safety in busy urban environments. This makes them ideal for use in areas such as public parks, corporate buildings, educational facilities, shopping precincts and more.

By choosing Procity's Galvanised Dome Top Chain Posts, you're not just selecting a product, but investing in a solution that combines innovation, functionality, and style to enhance the urban landscape. Our commitment to offering high-quality, reliable, and durable products is reflected in every piece of urban furniture we create. Trust Procity to deliver the perfect blend of form and function for your urban furniture needs.

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