Extra-long universal swivel barrier

An extra long swivel barrier with tension cables for the most restrictive locations.

  • Extra-long universal swivel barrier
  • Extra-long universal swivel barrier
  • Extra-long universal swivel barrier-1
  • Extra-long universal swivel barrier-2
steel tubes, 120 x 120 mm and 80 x 80 mm.

adjustable from 6050 to 10000 mm, locked with screws. (Distance between the axis of rotation and the end of the barrier.

1.1 m

with padlock (included). Second post included for locking in open position.

lacquered white over galvanised steel with red reflective strips (contact us for other colour options such as yellow and black).

on base plates with stencil and ground hooks included in the pre-installation kit.

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Introducing the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier

At Procity, we take pride in our commitment to innovation in urban furniture. The result of our continuous pursuit for excellence is the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier. This product exemplifies our dedication to provide only the best in Access Control and Parking Height Restrictors categories.

Technical Description of the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier

The Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier is designed with tension cables, making it an ideal choice for the most restrictive locations. Manufactured from the finest materials, such as wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, this barrier guarantees not only durability but also resistance to wear and tear due to weather conditions and daily use.

Our team has carefully engineered this barrier to ensure its versatility by offering a swivel mechanism. This feature allows the barrier to rotate, providing seamless entry and exit in controlled areas. Furthermore, its extra-long design ensures that it effectively restricts height, thus making it a perfect solution for controlling access to car parks, garages, and other similar locations.

Application Domain of the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier

Serving both public bodies and businesses, Procity’s Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier is applicable in various domains. Due to its robust and flexible design, it can be used in urban locations that require strict access control. From commercial parking spaces, shopping complexes to private housing facilities, the barrier can be utilised to effectively manage and control vehicular access.

Procity understands the need for different cities and establishments to maintain order and security in their premises. With this in mind, we have designed the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier to be easy to operate, while ensuring effectiveness in fulfilling its purpose. By choosing our product, businesses and communities are not only investing in a high-quality barrier but also contributing to the preservation of order and safety in their respective locations.

In conclusion, the Extra-Long Universal Swivel Barrier, showcased by Procity, is more than just a barrier. It is a solution designed to address the needs of modern urban spaces. It is a testament to our dedication to enhancing city living through innovation in urban furniture design.