Eco Swivel Height Restrictor

Swivel height restrictor made of steel, with swivelling top crossbar on one of the two uprights.

  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor-1
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor-2
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor-3
  • Eco Swivel Height Restrictor-4
Above-ground height
2200 mm.

5000 mm.

steel tubes, 80 x 80 mm.

with padlock (included).

galvanised steel supplied with reflective kit -16 red reflective strips to be applied.

concreted directly into ground.

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At Procity, our focus on crafting robust urban control solutions is exemplified in our Economy Swivel Height Restrictor. Designed to regulate vehicle access in public and private spaces, this product offers an efficient way to manage height restrictions effectively.

Product Specifications

The Economy Swivel Height Restrictor stands at an above-ground height of 2200 mm, with an expansive width of 5000 mm to accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes. Constructed from sturdy steel tubes measuring 80 x 80 mm, the structure promises durability and a long service life.

Secure Locking and High Visibility

Security is paramount, and this height restrictor is equipped with a locking mechanism that is secured with a padlock, which is included with the product. To enhance visibility and safety, the galvanised steel structure is supplied with a reflective kit, including 16 red reflective strips that can be applied as needed, ensuring the restrictor is clearly seen by drivers in all conditions.

Durable Finish and Installation

The restrictor's finish is not just about aesthetics; the galvanised steel ensures maximum resistance to corrosion and wear, making it ideal for outdoor settings. For installation, the structure is designed to be concreted directly into the ground, providing a stable and permanent solution for controlling vehicle access.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Procity is committed to enhancing safety and accessibility in urban environments. Our Economy Swivel Height Restrictor is a reflection of this commitment, offering a high-quality, reliable solution for managing the height clearance of vehicles, thus contributing to the safety and regulation of traffic in various settings.

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