Dome top DDA compliant steel bollard

DDA complaint steel bollards are taller and have contrasting colours to ensure that they aid the visibly impaired to see them

  • Dome top DDA compliant steel bollard
  • Dome top DDA compliant steel bollard

Technical features

Height above ground: 1200 mm (excluding top cap).

Total height: 1380 mm (excluding top cap).

Tube: steel ø 60, ø 76, ø 90, ø 102 or ø 114 mm. Brushed 304 stainless steel ø 76 mm.

Choice of five top caps: City, Sphere, brushed stainless steel, Agglo or Dome Top.

Finish: zinc primed and painted in two colour, or zinc primed and painted with brushed 304 stainless steel top.

Installation: concreted directly into ground (concrete depth 180 mm).

Can be made removable with socket shown

If installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising).  Contact us for more details.