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COVID - Distancing products

Procity offers varied indoor and outdoor equipment and solutions to help you manage the flow of visitors and employees while maintaining social distancing and protective measures.

Our Covid-19 protective equipment range is entirely made in France and designed for public bodies and businesses. It provides everything you need to ensure public safety, protect your staff while limiting the spread of the virus and preventing contamination risks.

The products available in this category are dedicated to businesses and public bodies. They offer varied solutions to manage visitors and employees’ safety in agreement with all health and safety measures and social distancing applied during a pandemic.

Our Covid-19 range allows public bodies, retail outlets and businesses to meet the major challenges which come with the virus: limiting its spread and preventing infection risk.


When faced with a viral epidemic, the protection of a company’s employees is paramount. Our Covid-19 protection range provides equipment suited to every professional, made in France, robust and easy to install both indoor and outdoor. Our hand sanitiser dispenser is a simple, hygienic, and cost-efficient solution for contactless and frequent hand disinfection to limit the spread of the virus.

Our glass and Plexiglas protective screens are an effective solution to protect any employee working in contact with the public.

You can simply place our safety glass on a counter, a booth or a reception desk to protect any employee from droplets – main vector of transmission for microbes and viruses.


Organising traffic zones

For businesses receiving the public, our barriers, belt posts, posts and warning tapes will help guide visitors and manage the flow of people in the building. Our floor marking material is a useful tool to ensure social distancing is being respected.



Businesses are required to provide necessary information to employees and visitors alike regarding all measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Procity provides information posters, safety and prevention measures and instructions or procedures to follow in case anyone experiences symptoms.

Our “Eco clic” snap frames (freestanding, hanging or laying options) provide you with an efficient means of communication when you need to display important information in all the company’s strategic and high footfall zones. They can also be used for order collection or to indicate new measures related to the health situation.


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