Multi-purpose convex mirrors

Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Mirrors & Anti-frost/Condensation

Multi-use VIALUX® stainless steel mirrors adapt to any indoor and outdoor environment off of public roadways. These stainless steel mirrors are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The anti-frost and anti-condensation versions developed by VIALUX® does not require any electrical connection.
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Mirrors & Anti-frost/Condensation
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Mirrors & Anti-frost/Condensation

Technical features

Installation: Galvanised steel brackets for walls or round steel posts (Ø76 to 90mm) or rectangular steel posts (60x80mm or 80x80mm). Important: Our Anti-frost Stainless Steel Mirrors may only be installed on steel posts.

Black gasket: Mirrors are surrounded by a PVC gasket with a metal frame that resists tough outdoor conditions.

Stainless Steel Quality: The unbreakable, UV - resistant stainless steel mirror ensures a long life span, with precision polish for unparalleled image quality.

Stainless Steel & Anti-frost/Anti-Condensation Quality: The Stainless Steel mirror surface is equipped with an exclusive defogging and defrosting system that requires no electrical wiring.

Accessories: Posts available for all models.


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