Convex mirrors in Polymir® & P.A.S®

VIALUX® multi-purpose mirrors are used in a multitude of environments, and for a multitude of purposes both indoors and out, such as construction sites, warehouses, for surveillance, loading bays, driveways and more.

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Technical features

Frame: thermoplastic resin, anti-UV treated and tested to prevent cracking and yellowing.

Installation: galvanised steel brackets for walls and posts with 60 to 90 mm cross section, allowing for precise adjustment of mirror position.

Polymir® Quality: the Polymir® mirror surface reflects a clear image with no distortion. It is unbreakable, impact-resistant, and has an anti-UV surface treatment.

P.A.S.® quality: the P.A.S.® mirror surface features Polymir® quality plus anti-scratch and an anti-static treatment to guarantee your satisfaction for an additional 2 years.


  • Posts available for all models.
  • These mirrors (except ø 400 mm and ø 500 mm) can be equipped with heated film for defrosting/defogging.