Cologne litter bins - 60 litres

Litter bins with elegant simplicity for all purposes.

  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres-1
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres-2
  • Cologne litter bins  - 60 litres-3
ø 460 mm x 640 mm high.

takes 60 litre bags (not included).

exotic hardwood slats, 22 mm deep.

wood with light oak or mahogany stain.

Inner bucket

on base plates.

Anchor bolts not included.

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The Cologne Litter Bins - 60 litres: A Blend of Elegance and Functionality

Procity, a leading manufacturer of urban furniture, is proud to present our Cologne Litter Bins - 60 litres. In line with our commitment to provide top-quality products that enhance urban landscapes, these litter bins have been meticulously designed and crafted to combine aesthetic allure with practical application. Perfectly exemplifying our slogan "Litter bins with elegant simplicity for all purposes," the Cologne litter bins seamlessly blend into any surrounding, embodying the timeless beauty of simplicity and the robustness of modern design.

Detailed Technical Description

The Cologne Litter Bins are engineered with superior technical attributes. With dimensions of ø 460 mm x 640 mm high, they are perfectly sized to maintain a harmonious fit in any space. The bins are designed to take 60-litre bags, offering ample capacity for waste disposal in a variety of settings. The structure of the bins is made from exotic hardwood slats, 22 mm deep, ensuring durability and weather resistance.

Customers can opt for two finishes on the wood - light oak or mahogany stain - giving them flexibility to match the bins with the surrounding decor or theme. Each bin comes with an inner bucket for easy waste removal and maintenance. On the installation front, the bins are designed for placement on base plates. However, please note that anchor bolts are not included in the package.

Versatile Applications

Procity's Cologne Litter Bins - 60 litres find wide-ranging applications across various sectors. They are an excellent fit for municipal communities and corporate premises. Given their robust construction and elegant design, they are highly suitable for parks, public spaces, and commercial complexes that require durable and aesthetically appealing waste disposal solutions. Moreover, their wood finish lends a touch of natural charm to urban landscapes. Our company caters to clients' specific demands, ensuring that our products seamlessly integrate with their environments while enhancing their attractiveness and functionality.

With the Cologne Litter Bins - 60 litres, Procity continues to uphold its reputation as a leading provider of top-quality, practical, and visually appealing urban furniture. We invite you to explore the fine balance of elegance and functionality that this product offers, and allow us to contribute to creating cleaner, more organised, and more attractive urban spaces.