City DDA compliant steel bollard

DDA complaint steel bollards are taller and have contrasting colours to ensure that they aid the visibly impaired to see them

  • City DDA compliant steel bollard
  • City DDA compliant steel bollard
Height above ground
1200 mm (excluding top cap)

Total height
1380 mm (excluding top cap)

steel ø 60, ø 76, ø 90, ø 102 or ø 114 mm. Brushed 304 stainless steel ø 76 mm

Choice of five top caps
City, Sphere, brushed stainless steel, Agglo or Dome Top

zinc primed and painted in two colours (see page 10), or zinc primed and painted with brushed 304 stainless steel top

concreted directly into ground (concrete depth 180 mm). Can be made removable with socket shown

if installed within 5 miles of the coast, we strongly recommend an additional weather treatment for the steel work (galvanising). Contact us for more details

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Experience the Versatility of the Procity City DDA Compliant Steel Bollard

Procity, a trusted name in urban furniture manufacturing, brings forward yet another versatile product: the City DDA Compliant Steel Bollard. This urban furniture piece incorporates a sleek design, high-quality materials, and a thorough consideration for accessibility, offering a comprehensive solution to modern urban needs. Ensuring visibility and safety for all, it is particularly suitable for communities and businesses looking to enhance public spaces and premises.

Technical Features that Guarantee Durability and Functionality

Our City DDA Compliant Steel Bollard is built to last, demonstrating Procity's commitment to quality and functionality. With an above ground height of 1200mm and total height of 1380mm (excluding the top cap), it is designed to be visually accessible. The bollard is made from robust steel, coming in various diameters including ø 60, ø 76, ø 90, ø 102, and ø 114 mm, with an option for brushed 304 stainless steel at ø 76 mm. To cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and complement various settings, we offer five top cap choices: City, Sphere, brushed stainless steel, Agglo, or Dome Top. The finish of the bollard is zinc primed and painted in two colours, with an alternative of zinc primed and painted with brushed 304 stainless steel top. To ensure stability and longevity, the bollard is concreted directly into the ground with a concrete depth of 180mm. Additionally, it can be made removable with the socket shown, offering flexibility in urban planning.

Application in Diverse Settings

The City DDA Compliant Steel Bollard from Procity is a versatile solution applicable in a variety of settings. It serves as an effective guide for visually impaired individuals, thanks to its contrasting colours and significant height. This makes the bollard a crucial component in creating inclusive public spaces that cater to all. Furthermore, it plays a key role in managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, enhancing safety in urban environments. The bollard also aids in defining boundaries and restricting vehicular access to designated areas, thus assisting in the implementation of effective urban planning strategies. Its sleek design and superior finish make it a fitting addition to any urban landscape, contributing positively to the aesthetics of the setting.

In conclusion, Procity's City DDA Compliant Steel Bollard brings together functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, offering a complete solution for urban spaces. With its technical features and versatile application, it is a valuable addition to any public or business premises, further demonstrating Procity's dedication to quality and inclusivity in urban furniture design.

Designed to last over time.

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