Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks

A simple, functional rack designed for optimal bike storage.

  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks-1
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks-2
  • Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks-3
3 or 6 spaces, single or double sided

1320 mm (3 spaces), 2457 mm (6 spaces)

steel posts Ø 76 mm, hoop Ø 22 mm

Top cap
cast aluminium, RAL 9005 finish

galvanised steel

on base plates

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Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks: The Urban Solution

The Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks, crafted by Procity, epitomise urban furniture that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Procity is renowned for their meticulous designs, consistently delivering products that underline the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Our range of bike shelters and bicycle racks, of which the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks are part, are designed to meet not only the needs of cyclists but also to enhance the visual appeal of urban landscapes.

Technical Specifications

Made out of robust materials such as wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel, the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks are built to endure. Procity ensures that each bicycle rack is manufactured to meet the highest standards of durability and stability. The versatility of these modular racks enables them to accommodate a high volume of bicycles, providing a highly efficient bike storage solution. The space-efficient design also ensures that even in areas where space is at a premium, the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks can fit seamlessly into the urban landscape.

In addition to being robust and versatile, our Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks also boast a sleek design. The minimalist aesthetics are carefully curated to complement any urban landscape, while the practical design ensures easy installation and maintenance. The utilitarian yet stylish design of the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks is a testament to Procity’s innovative approach to urban furniture design.

Application Areas

The Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks are designed to cater to a diverse array of application areas ranging from public parks, residential buildings, educational institutions, corporate parks, and more. Given the increasing popularity of cycling, these bike racks serve as an indispensable component of urban infrastructure, encouraging eco-friendly commuting and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

For businesses and local governments aiming to create cyclist-friendly environments, the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks offer a reliable and stylish solution. By providing secure and convenient bike storage facilities, they not only cater to the needs of cyclists but also contribute to decluttering urban spaces. Their modular design allows for easy expansion and adaptation, catering to growing demand and changing needs.

In conclusion, the Mercure Modular Bicycle Racks are the perfect blend of form and function, embodying Procity’s commitment to creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing urban furniture. With their robust build, versatile design, and sleek aesthetics, these racks are an ideal choice for any urban environment looking to support and encourage cycling.