Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks

The angled parking design significantly reduces the space this bike rack takes up on pedestrian walkways and keeps handlebars from getting tangled. Select the arrangement which is most suitable for your situation: single-sided, double-sided, the orientation of the racks & limitless extension modules.

  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks

Technical features

Models: 3 spaces, single sided. Hoops can be added for a double-sided configuration.
Extension: 3-space extension module, single sided.
Structure: Steel tube 70 x 70 mm and 40 x 40 mm frame, hoops Ø 22 mm.
Top cap: Courbe de Diamant® ("diamond curve") in moulded aluminium.

Finish: Galvanised and painted in our standard RAL colours.
Installation: On base plates.

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