Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks

The angled parking design significantly reduces the space this bike rack takes up on pedestrian walkways and keeps handlebars from getting tangled. Select the arrangement which is most suitable for your situation: single-sided, double-sided, the orientation of the racks & limitless extension modules.

  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks-1
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks-2
  • Conviviale Modular Bicycle Racks-3
3 spaces, single sided. Hoops can be added for a doublesided configuration.

1730 mm.

3-space extension module, single sided, length 1620 mm.

steel tube 70 x 70 mm and 40 x 40 mm frame, hoops ø 22 mm.

galvanised and painted in our colours.

on base plates.

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Convivial Modular Bicycle Racks – Urban Furniture for Today's Communities


As the world continues to urbanise, the need for efficient, reliable, and versatile urban furniture is more pressing than ever. Recognising this demand, Procity, a leading name in urban furniture manufacturing, presents the Convivial Modular Bicycle Racks. These bicycle racks, available under the categories Bike Shelter and Bicycle Racks on, encapsulate our commitment to offering sustainable and user-friendly solutions to communities and businesses.

Technical Features

The Convivial Modular Bicycle Racks come in various models, including the 3-space single sided model, with hoops available to convert it into a double-sided configuration. For those requiring more space, we also offer a 3-space extension module. Our bicycle racks are built using robust steel tubes, with a frame measuring 70 x 70 mm and 40 x 40 mm, and hoops with a diameter of 22 mm.

Understanding the challenges of urban environments, we have ensured that the racks are galvanised and painted in our colours to provide long-lasting performance. They come with base plates for hassle-free installation, reinforcing our commitment to convenience. This combination of sturdy materials and thoughtful design makes our bicycle racks a reliable solution for secure bicycle parking.


The Convivial Modular Bicycle Racks are designed for both collective environments, such as local governments, and business entities looking for efficient bicycle parking solutions. The angled parking design of these racks significantly reduces the space they occupy on pedestrian walkways, while also preventing handlebars from getting entangled. This thoughtful design ensures that our racks not only serve their primary function of providing secure bicycle parking, but also contribute to maintaining orderly, uncluttered, and accessible urban spaces.

Customers have the flexibility to select the arrangement that best suits their needs, be it single-sided, double-sided, or a specific orientation of the racks. Furthermore, the availability of limitless extension modules allows for the bicycle racks to be customised based on the available space and user requirements.

We, at Procity, believe that this versatility, along with the robustness and user-friendly design of the Convivial Modular Bicycle Racks, make them a valuable addition to any urban environment. As cities continue to grow and evolve, we are here to ensure that your bicycle parking needs are met with the highest standards of quality and convenience.

Designed on the basis of daily observation of the users of street furniture and in accordance with recommendations on accessibility of pavements.

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