Aluminium solar road studs

A road stud powered by a photovoltaic panel and protected by a solid aluminium casing to improve road safety by clearly marking the edges of the road.

  • Aluminium solar road studs
  • Aluminium solar road studs
  • Aluminium solar road studs-1
  • Aluminium solar road studs-2
105 x 105 x 25 mm

attached to the ground with epoxy glue (not included)

3 flashing white LEDs on each side

a fully-charged road stud has enough power for over 72 hours of operation (full charge requires 8 hours of exposure to daylight). Waterproof (IP68), visible from over 500 metres away, and can withstand pressure up to 10 tonnes. All road studs must be used and installed in accordance with local highway legislation and safety requirements. Sold in batches of 6 units

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