Agglo chain posts

Use our bollards for access control and to guide pedestrian traffic.

  • Agglo chain posts
  • Agglo chain posts
Above-ground height
900 mm

Total height
1080 mm

Steel tube
ø 76 or 102 mm

Top cap
welded cast steel for monochrome models and cast aluminum for two-tone models

zinc primed and painted in our colours

concreted directly into ground (concrete depth 180 mm). Can be made removable with Lockblock® 21

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Agglo Chain Posts: A Robust Solution for Urban Landscapes

Procity is a renowned name in the urban furniture industry, offering a vast range of products crafted from materials like wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and steel. One of our key offerings is the Agglo Chain Posts, under the categories Bollards & Posts and Chain posts, designed to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics in urban spaces. These posts are not just a product; they are a carefully engineered solution for managing pedestrian traffic and controlling access in various settings.

Technical Specifications of Agglo Chain Posts

The Agglo Chain Posts crafted by Procity are of superior quality, ensuring durability and longevity. Each post stands 900 mm above the ground, with a total height of 1080 mm. Depending on the specific requirements, the steel tube of these posts is available in either ø 76 or 102 mm. The top cap is made of welded cast steel for monochrome models and cast aluminium for two-tone models, adding an additional layer of strength and durability.

A significant feature of these posts is their finish - they are zinc primed and painted in our colours, providing a visually appealing look while also offering rust resistance. For installation, these posts are concreted directly into the ground to a depth of 180 mm, ensuring a stable and secure structure. Additionally, the Agglo Chain Posts can be made removable with the use of Lockblock® 21, offering flexibility in use and convenience in maintenance.

Applications of Agglo Chain Posts

Agglo Chain Posts by Procity are an ideal choice for various applications. They are widely used by municipalities and businesses alike to guide pedestrian traffic and manage access. These posts are perfectly suitable for parks, commercial complexes, pedestrian zones, and other public spaces. Their design allows for the effective demarcation of paths and boundaries, ensuring safety and order while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

At Procity, we understand that each urban space is unique and thus, requires tailored solutions. Our Agglo Chain Posts are one such product that can be customised as per the specific needs of the location. From choosing the right size and finish to deciding between fixed and removable options, we provide a comprehensive solution that truly meets the requirements of modern urban landscapes.

In conclusion, Procity's Agglo Chain Posts are a robust, versatile and visually pleasing addition to any urban setting. They are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing urban furniture.