"Classic" outdoor notice boards

Discrete, subtle and effective, this is the ideal notice board for displaying information outside public buildings, churches, culture sites and corporate offices.

  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards-1
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards-2
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards-3
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards-4
  • "Classic" outdoor notice boards-5
single sided.

Display area
from 4 to 21 A4.

4 mm Plexichoc® or safety glass.

Opening system
reversible side opening door or raising door mounted on gas struts.

tamper-proof safety lock with 2 keys. 2 locks on 1350 mm high side opening door model and all raising door models.

elastomer seal.

Interior finish
galvanised steel sheet lacquered in white on interior back panel, light grey on the exterior back panel.

Frame finish
silver anodised aluminium, or painted in our notice board colour range.

to wall or on posts.

Procity® magnets
included (1 per A4, limit of 20 per display case).

Header panel
2 mm steel sheet.

2 shapes
Dome or Rectangle.

bolts or screws not included. Attached to a wall using pre-drilled mounting holes or on posts using bolts supplied with the post kit.

not supplied.

kit and additional post. 

LED lighting kit
high efficiency white light typical brightness 120 Lumens per watt, LED IP20, transformers IP67, life expectancy 75000 hours, energy efficiency of 12.5 watts per linear metre.

LED ribbons & transformer are not factory fitted and require installation by a qualified electrician to comply with applicable safety regulations.

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