"Classic" outdoor notice board on posts

Classic and discreet, the idea lockable waterproof notice board for public buildings and corporate offices.

  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts-1
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts-2
  • "Classic" outdoor notice board on posts-3

Technical features

Display: single sided.

Display area: from 4 to 21 A4.

Glazing: 4 mm Plexichoc® or safety glass.

Opening system: reversible side opening door or raising door mounted on gas struts.

Closure: tamper-proof safety lock with 2 keys. 2 locks on 1350 mm high side opening door model and all raising door models.

Waterproofing: elastomer seal.

Interior finish: galvanised steel sheet lacquered in white on interior back panel, light grey on the exterior back panel.

Frame finish: silver anodised aluminium, or painted in ou notice board colour range.

Installation: to wall or on posts.

Procity® magnets: included (1 per A4, limit of 20 per display case).


Post kit: Two 60 x 40 mm aluminium posts either silver anodised or painted, delivered with 4 brushed stainless steel attachment brackets. Installation by concreting directly into ground or on base plates.

Additional post: One 60 x 40 mm post delivered with 2 brushed stainless steel central attachment bracket to connect multiple display cases. Concreted directly into ground only.


Header panel: 2 mm steel sheet.

2 shapes: Dome or Rectangle.

Installation: bolts or screws not included. Attached to a wall using pre-drilled mounting holes or on posts using bolts supplied with the post kit.

Sign-writing: not supplied.


LED lighting kit: high efficiency white light typical brightness 120 Lumens per watt, LED IP20, transformers IP67, life expectancy 75000 hours, energy efficiency of 12.5 watts per linear metre. (Warning: LED ribbons & transformer are not factory fitted and require installation by a qualified electrician to comply with applicable safety regulations).