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Covered walkways

Covered walkways

Passage couvert, avec ou sans bardage de côté, pour relier des sites industriels, des bâtiments scolaires ou administratifs, pour abriter des zones de promenade.

Structure: A sturdy unit available in multiples of 2500mm. Framework comprising steel 80 x 80 mm uprights, mounted 70 x 70mm tubes on base plates for leveling adjustments. Upper part includes a U-shaped section to accomadate the roof. 2 versions: basic 2500 mm unit or a version with extension module.

Roof: The roof framework features two aluminium tubular crossbeams and two aluminium rainwater gutters that are fixed to built-in U-shaped sections of uprights.

Cladding: All cladding is optional. Side cladding and/or back cladding is delivered in two parts. Aluminium profile frame, 10mm translucent anti-UV cellular polycarbonate glazing.

Painted, galvanised steel. Available in our RAL colours.

Installation on base plates and expansion plugs supplied.


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