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Anti-ram bollards

Anti-ram bollards

Anti-ram bollards are devices aimed at deterring and stopping ram raiders. Particularly recommended for the protection of ATMs, banks, shopping centres, jewellers, airports... ".

Total height 1265 mm (Ø 219 mm) or 1286mm (Ø 273 mm).

Weight empty 45 kg (Ø 219 mm) and 58 kg (Ø 273 mm).

Approximate weight full (concrete and reinforcement) 145 kg (Ø 219 mm) and 218 kg (Ø 273 mm).

Gauge of steel: 5.6mm (Ø 219 mm) and 6.0mm (Ø 273 mm).

To be concreted directly into the ground.

Supplied hollow, the bollard is fitted with a lifting eyelet for easy installation.

To be concreted directly in the ground, then the rounded top cap to be placed in position.

Galvanised finish or galvanised and painted in our RAL colours. (Internal reinforced steel bar not supplied).

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