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Brand DNA

  • An exceptional range of products.

PROCITY®, an industrial European brand with one of the largest ranges of street furniture and access control items. A main philosophy which tries to answer all the requests, either from public or private sector. PROCITY® is known in Europe for its wide and multi-purpose range of products.

  • An exclusively made in France brand.

Technical knowledge, quality of production and master of innovation are not at the other end of the World. That is the reason why, PROCITY® products have been manufactured, since more than a quarter of a century, in France. Thanks to this industrial proximity, PROCITY® is able to have a good sales reactivity and preserves the European employment.

  • The permanent research of quality

The PROCITY® items are essential elements of protection which means an irreproachable level of quality. The PROCITY® products are protected by two main anti-corrosion processes:
-  Zinc coating + finition coating for products which are set up in a standard environment: 2 years of warantee.
-  Galvanising + finition coating for large use products (bicylcle stands for example) or for products installed in a maritime or salty environment (seasides, mountains, ...): 10 years of warantee.

  • A sober and durable design at the right price

PROCITY® wants to satisfy the greatest number of people by an elegant and adaptable urban aesthetic. Its identity is focused on a sober design which is disconnected from fashion in order to last as long as possible. With its high level of quality, PROCITY® is able to answer to all the customers requests, especially thanks to a large possibities of colors, at a very reasonable price.

  • An European brand based on a large network of Distributors

The PROCITY® products are used for all European sectors, either public or private, whatever their nationality, their culture or their habits. Thanks to a large and expert network of European Distributors, PROCITY® is able to offer the better proximity to understand and to answer all the customers requests.

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